Many hands make light work.


Fortelling allows you to collaborate with your friends on one project. Once set up, all changes will automatically sync to the cloud. At the moment, it is not possible to work simultaneously on notes or chapters.


  • Collaboration chat

  • Collaboration logbook (not available just yet)

Collaboration roles

There are 3 different roles within a project that you can be assigned to.

  • Admin: This is the project creator. As an admin, you can modify specific project settings (name, banner, etc.) & manage the role of other authors. This role can not be transferred.

  • Editor: As an editor, you can create, update and delete story elements of the entire project.

  • Reader: This role mainly explains itself, but you've only got read access to all story elements, additional tools & book chapters. You cannot modify items.

Add a user as a co-author

Below is a quick overview of the steps to add someone as a co-author to a project. After this general description follows a more in-depth overview for the admin or for a co-author.

  1. The admin enables collaboration and shares code.

  2. The co-author enters the code on the home screen.

  3. Admin approves the request.

For admins

Enable collaboration

Collaboration is turned off by default. This is to protect you from unwanted collaboration requests. Follow these steps to invite a user to your project.

  1. Open your project.

  2. Open the project menu on mobile or locate the side menu on tablet/desktop.

  3. Tap on 'Collaboration'.

  4. Enable collaboration.

  5. Share the access code with another author.

We're very keen on privacy, so if anyone gets hold of the access code, they don't have access to your project. They first have to send you a collaboration request. The project admin can only approve this request.

Collaboration requests

Did you get a request? Open the collaboration page of your project and decide what to do with it. You can accept or deny the request. If you deny the request, the co-author can always send you a new request.

There is no permanent way of preventing someone from sending you a new collaboration request. If someone is spamming you with unwanted requests, there are four options: 1) deny the request, 2) leave the request open, so you won't receive a new notification, 3) disable collaborations, and 4) reach out to customer support.

For co-authors

Join a project

Welcome aboard! You just received a collaboration code, but now what? Open your home screen and tap on 'Enter collaboration code'. Now a new screen will appear on which you can enter your code. After submitting your request, the admin needs to approve this before you gain access to the project. Visit this screen to see the current status of your outstanding collaboration requests.

Leave a project

If you wish to leave a project, you can always visit the collaboration page of that project. On the bottom, there is a 'Leave project'-button. You can't leave a project as an admin.

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