🏁Goals & Logbook

Only if you set yourself goals, you can achieve them.


The logbook allows you to track your writing progress. It allows you to log your daily writing progress. Open the writing goals section and navigate to the logbook tab. Tap the plus button to add a new entry. Co-authors can log their progress as well. Both will be added up in the overview. Add a comment to describe your experience.


All statistics must be entered manually; no automated word count is currently available.

Writing Streak

The app will automatically calculate your writing streak based on the entries inside your logbook.

  • Current streak: total days with a log entry counting backward from today.

  • Longest streak: total consecutive days with a log entry ever.

  • Total days: total days with a log entry.

Writing Progress

You can view graphs and info about your writing progress on the statistics tab. You can set daily goals and an overall goal for the entire book. Currently, the app highlights the following trends.

  • Statistics

    • Total words: total words written in this book based on logbook entries.

    • Words target: total word goal you set for this book.

    • Percentage: (total words/words target) x 100.

  • Graphs

    • Overall progress: see the current week's progress on your weekly writing goal.

    • Daily progress: see how much of your daily goals you've achieved this week.

You can modify your writing goals by opening the writing goals screen and tapping the edit button at the top.

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