🖥️Desktop Version

Because actual writing is easier on a real keyboard.

The desktop version is part of Fortelling Pro.

How to log in?

Visit our website using the link below. Make sure to log in with the same email you used on the mobile app. The desktop version can be used without downloading the mobile apps.

Mobile vs. Desktop

There are no differences in functionality between both platforms. You can enjoy all the features of Fortelling on both platforms. However, using the mobile version side-by-side with the desktop version is recommended. This way, you can type with a real keyboard on your desktop and consult your story elements on the side using your phone.

Progressive Web App

Fortelling is available as a progressive web app. This means you can install a version of Fortelling on your desktop, have a shortcut, and have Fortelling open up in a separate window instead of inside the browser. Read below how to install a web app using Google Chrome.

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