🧑My Account

Manage your username, and other personal data.


An account is required to use Fortelling. You can either create an account with a socail login (Google or Apple), or with a email/password combination.

Private accounts

Private accounts are a legacy feature.

You can mark your account as private in the account settings. This does not have any consequences for your account. Your account will still be visible to ithers if you: 1) participate in challenges, 2) like or comment on a challenge, and 3) participate in a collaborative project.

Your projects' content is never accessible to others without adding them as a co-author.

Change password / email

You can only change your email or password if your account is not created with a social login. You'll need to re-authenticate to verify it's really you.

Delete account

You can easily delete your account using the account settings page. The projects of which you are the admin will get deleted. Just like all your challenge submissions. Once you delete your account, there's no way to retrieve your data. It will be deleted permanently.

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