🛠️Custom Tools

Create your own tools exactly how you like them.

Custom Tools are part of Fortelling Pro.


With Fortelling's default tools, you can do a lot already, yet every story is unique and has different needs. That's why you can create 100% customizable tools that fit your needs.

Custom Tool

To create a custom tool, follow these steps:

  1. Open your project.

  2. Navigate to 'Customize Tools' using the project menu.

  3. Tap on the plus button at the bottom right.

  4. Select the category for your new tool.

  5. Pick an icon and enter a name.

  6. Tap on 'Save'.

Your new tool should appear in the selected category. The next step is to open your tool and start customizing it. You can change some settings and add new data fields.

Tool Settings

You can modify the following settings for your new tool:

  • Images: Allow adding images to items.

  • Links: Allow linking items to other items.

  • Subitems: Allow the creation of an item tree (E.g., locations)

  • Labels: Allow items to be labeled.

  • Notes: Allow linking notes to an item.

  • Main Image Shape: Change the main image of an item to circular or square.

Data Fields

The basic building blocks of each story element are the data fields you can fill in to organize your ideas. Data fields are added to a category. A category always needs to be placed on top. To add a new category or field, tap the plus button on the edit screen. You'll always need to add a category at first. You can re-order data fields by long-pressing the drag handle and moving them to the right place.

Custom Home screen


If you create multiple new tools and they don't fit in the default categories, you can create a new category. If you tap the plus button on the customize tools screen, a list with current categories pops-up. Tap the 'Add new category' button at the bottom of that list.

You can delete custom categories, but you can't delete default categories.

The tool at the top of a category can display a so-called 'Home screen carrousel'. This is a quick preview of story elements in a vertical list straight on your project home screen. Tap a category to uncheck this option if you want a clearer overview.

Re-order tools

You can tap the edit button at the top right on the customize tools screen. This will show you the handles to re-order your tools and categories.

Hidden Tools

If you created custom tools or simply don't use specific default tools, you can hide them from the project home screen. Tap on a tool to enter its settings page and tap on 'Hide tool'. If you wish to restore a tool, you can always restore it by tapping it on the hidden tools page.

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