Rich text editor for background information.


There is no real-time collaboration support for notes.

Order and digitalize your notebook within Fortelling. Create notes for background lore, letters, or any other written information you have for your story. Notes feature a rich text editor with the following styling options:

  • Bold: mark your text in bold.

  • Italic: mark your text in italic to emphasize specific words or phrases.

  • Underline: give your text a little line underneath it.

  • Clear formatting: remove all styling from the text.

  • Text size: mark your text as Normal, Heading 1, Heading 2, or Heading 3.

  • Ordered list: mark your text as a list with numbers in front of it.

  • Unordered list: mark your text as a list with dots in front of it.

  • Code: mark your text as code within a grey container and colored text.

  • Quote: mark your text as a quote with a vertical line in front of it.

  • Link: select some text, tap the link button and add an external link.

  • Vertical divider: add a horizontal line between 2 sections of text.

Folders & Overview

Fortelling enables you to order your notes in folders. You can create a folder the same way you can create a note. All folders are always at the top of the list above the notes.


Open the treeview to quickly explore all your existing folders and notes. You can tap on an item to open it in fullscreen. You can tap the search icon on any page if you need to search through all your notes. It will always display a full list of all folders and notes created.

Move notes

You can move a note to a different folder. Open the respective file or folder and tap on a folder icon with an arrow. This will open up the treeview mentioned above. Tap on your target folder to move the item.

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