📌Pinboards & Links

Put everything in perspective.

You can connect any story element with any other story element. Open a story element and tap on the item called 'Links.' You can create a link by pressing the plus button at the bottom right. An overview with all compatible story elements will appear. If you select an item, you can create a link with some attached data:

  • Description: describe in as few words as possible the relationship between the two items.

  • Perspective 1: Describe how item 1 perceives or sees item 2.

  • Perspective 2: Describe how item 2 perceives or sees item 1.

Once a link is created between two story elements, you can open an overview with a list of all their connections. This list includes pinboards but also any extra links between them. If, at some point, a link between the two changes midway through your story, you can create an additional link for that.

You can tap on a story element in the header in the link edit screen to replace it.


Create an overview of how story elements are connected. Create colored links between them and plot out your story. Add any story element you've created to the board by tapping the plus button. Select an item from the list, and it will appear in the center of your screen. Scroll or pinch to zoom in or zoom out.

You can drag any item to any place on the board. If you release an item it will automatically move to this new position.

Drag two items on top of each other to create a link between them. A new dialog will show up, exactly like a general link. After you hit submit, it will create a colored line between them with the description in the center box. It is possible to only draw a line without text by leaving the description field empty.


Notes on a pinboard are different than notes from the notes tool.

Sometimes it's nice to add some additional text to your pinboards. Tap on the icon with the note icon to add a new note. If you tap on a note, you add content to it. Long press and then drag a note to move it to a new position. Use the dark yellow handle at the bottom right to modify the size of the note.

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